At any given level, the kind of solutions (IT and Otherwise) which an organization adopts and uses for its processes, should be appropriate for its level and needs.
Advisory Services in IT Solutions

We can help in formulation of IT Strategy for organizations.

We help organizations in identification and usage of “Right Solutions” which run processes in organizations. These solutions include General Management and/or  IT Solutions, depending upon the level of the organizations. We can also provide guidance in improvement of existing solutions which run processes in organizations.

We would be making use of our proprietary framework for the above.

We do not re-sell or implement any ERP or software package. Hence, we can help you get an objective view to plan, choose and implement the solutions which are appropriate for your needs. This would avoid ad hoc selection and implementation of solutions which result in sub-optimal functioning of organizations.

The advice would be provided by Management and IT Professionals who have spent several years in Solutions Consulting across a wide range of industries around the world.

We believe that organizations operate in various stages of evolution and there maybe a scope for them to move to the next level or perform better at a given level.
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