Each clinical study has its own associated challenges. With our vast experience of handling multiple studies across geographies and various therapeutic areas, we are able to help CROs and SMOs identify issues proactively early on and innovatively work out solutions.
Advisory Services in Clinical Research

The R&D process to bring a therapy to the market is becoming increasingly complex and regulated across the globe.

India with its vast patient population, varied disease patterns, skilled human resources, sophisticated technical infra-structure and favorable regulatory environment, has become one of the most sought after destinations for conducting clinical trials. As a result, several Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Site Management Organizations (SMOs) and Clinical Research Academic Institutions (CRAIs) have emerged to help the pharmaceutical companies with the clinical development requirements.

The challenge for all the players lies in continuing to excel, maintaining high quality and ethical standards in a highly competitive and regulated environment. We feel that the critical success factors for such institutions lies in the robustness of their operating procedures, deep understanding of the guidelines and regulations governing clinical research, combined with sharp business acumen to address the right opportunity in the right manner and personnel who are appropriately trained to execute the projects efficiently and deliver high quality on time.

We are synergistically aligned to these requirements, as we provide strategic advice and collaborative guidance  to CROs/SMOs/CRAIs/Pharmaceutical Companies on:

  1. Process improvement of their functional areas to attain Operational Excellence
  2. Strategic guidance on  establishment of new businesses associated with Clinical Research
  3. Mentoring Clinical Research personnel (Clinical Research Associates/ Project Managers/Clinical Research Coordinators) through advance level and interactive training programs focusing on learning from experience
  4. Improvement of Quality Systems : Clinical Quality Improvement Audits: Sites/CROs/SMOs/Labs/Vendors
  5. Facilitate business collaborations
  6. Solve Problems
  7. Provide Guidance in the use of “Right Solutions” which run processes in Clinical Research which could be either technologically driven or manual.
The advice is provided by Clinical Research Professionals who have spent several years in Clinical Research and have held key positions in CROs and Pharmaceutical Companies and who can share the best practices across organizations and their advice is driven by their own experiences
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